Pixel Pineberry Studios

Bringing Diverse Hearts Together

Pixel Pineberry Studios is a independent game developer that specializes in visual novels featuring diverse casts. The pineberry fruit is a hybrid between the sweet strawberry and a tangy pineapple, which serves as our inspiration. If such different flavors can come together, we believe hearts from different backgrounds can as well!



Based in California, Pixel Pineberry hopes to bring more visual novels to a western audience. We hope to create enjoyable experiences and be able to support our fellow artists and creators. Lastly, we wish to become self-reliant through hard work



AIdol Logo

An English Visual Novel in which a ragtag team of convention attendees step in to save the day for a virtual idol in search of her programmer.

Connection Pending

An English Visual Novel in which a group of online friends plans to meet at a gaming convention once the school year ends.

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