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Connection Pending is an English Visual Novel that focuses on online relationships, long distance friendships, and the bonds formed over an online game.


Four girls play an online game together and eventually take their conversations to a private chat server. As they talk, they each start to develop complicated feelings for each other. They are all seniors in high school and plan on quitting the game in time for college. As the year progresses, offline life soon starts to swamp each of them. Sometimes they must choose between online and offline life.

Each girl has her own complex emotions about the matter, and none of them want to ruin the friendships they have formed. Together they have to overcome the complexities of long distance relationships, online dating, friendship, and polyamory.

Meet the Cast

andrea the MC


Pixel Pineberry Studios
Mystery Corgi Chibi Head

Project Manager

Morgana is the head of Pixel Pineberry Studios and the original creator of AIdol. She has assisted in the writing, programming, and other creative tasks of various visual novels. Some of her previous works include Afterthought Studios' A More Beautiful World, Forgotten, Not Lost, When Our Journey Ends, and AIdol.

Leah Chibi Head

Script Writer

Gale Chibi Head

Lead Artist

Whit Chibi Head

Concept & Touchup Artist

Camy Chibi Head

GUI Artist

Camy is the GUI artist behind Connection Pending. She has done work for Afterthought Studios' A More Beautiful World, Forgotten, Not Lost, and When Our Journey Ends. With her experience playing varieties of MMORPGs, she is confident to immerse the players in the games.

Penni Chibi Head

Voice Actor

Amy Chibi Head

Video Director

Programming Provided by

TaleMason Interactive Logo

TaleMason Interactive graciously provided us with the programming and engine for Connection Pending.
TaleMason makes interactive stories – visual novels, adventure games and motion comics. Their goal is to explore new and different ways to involve the reader (or rather the player) in the story, and push the boundaries of storytelling.