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An English Visual Novel in which a ragtag team of convention attendees step in to save the day for a virtual idol in search of her programmer.


Idols are the most popular thing in the media and the rising idol production company Lyriq has a convention to run this weekend. There is only one catch: the virtual idol named Aiko is malfunctioning. Only one thing can fix Aiko, and that is finding the person who programmed her. But it isn’t easy for a sapient computer program to find her creator–that is, without help. That’s where superfan Hana and a ragtag team of convention attendees come in to save the day.

AIdol: Artificial Intelligence Idol is a visual novel that is programmed in Unity. Features include light character animations, panning backgrounds, and an interactive story involving a virtual idol, a PR team, and a pack of misfit convention attendees.

Featuring relaxing, upbeat music as well as cute art, we hope this will be a visual novel to enjoy.

AIdol will be avaialable on the following platforms:

Mac windows linux on steam
Meet the Cast

AIdol: Artificial Intelligence Idol features a large cast of interesting chararcters.







Pixel Pineberry Studios

Mystery Corgi

Mystery Corgi Chibi Head

Project Manager

Mystery Corgi is the head of Pixel Pineberry Studios and the original creator of AIdol. She has assisted in the writing, programming, and other creative tasks of various visual novels. Some of her previous works include Afterthought Studios' A More Beautiful World, Forgotten, Not Lost, and When Our Journey Ends.

Look forward to her upcoming project, Connection Pending!


Ebi-hime Chibi Head

Script Writer

Ebi-hime is the writer who helped make the script of AIdol a reality. She has penned a good many visual novels. Some of her previous works include The Way We All Go, The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns, Asphyxia, Strawberry Vinegar, This World Unknown, Empty Horizons. Her newest releases are Sweetest Monster and Once on a Windswept Night.


Melow Chibi Head

Lead Artist

Melow is the artist who helped bring the GUI and characters of AIdol to life. She has drawn for several visual novels, including When Our Journey Ends and Chronotopia. Check out to her newest project Once on a Windswept Night on Steam.

J Whitney

Whitney Chibi Head

Background Touchup Artist

JWhitney is the artist who is helping us touch up our background art for AIdol. She has worked on Caramel Mokaccino as an assistant artist. Look forward to her as the lead artist in the upcoming project Connection Pending.

Mock Off

Mock Off Chibi Head

Musician & COmposter

Mock Off is the musician who composed the soundtrack for AIdol. He has lent his talent to Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet, Sickness, and Sweetest Monster. Look forward to his work in the upcoming project Connection Pending.

Engine Provided by

TaleMason Interactive Logo

TaleMason Interactive graciously provided us with the programming and engine for AIdol.
TaleMason makes interactive stories – visual novels, adventure games and motion comics. Their goal is to explore new and different ways to involve the reader (or rather the player) in the story, and push the boundaries of storytelling.